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Monday, 19 September 2011

Day Four, over half way!

Day 4. Still doing really well. Feeling positive. Managed to get to a gym class this morning which was insane. My instructor is getting married shortly and she's pushing everyone to be on top of their game. I'm going to feel that tomorrow.

I had a couple of bananas today and some milk. Ended up making more soup. The great thing about this next batch of soup is that I somehow have managed to make it so bland that I can't taste it. It's so weird eating something with absolutely no taste. I start to wonder if I'm delirious from lack of sugar and put loads of pepper in it. It absorbs the pepper like a sponge and leaves no taste of pepper. What the hell is going on here? Have I stumbled on some sort of weird recipe where vegetables are rendered completely tasteless and edible?

I can't describe it in a positive enough way, and nobody I approach with it is willing to test it so I'm still not sure if I am some sort of vege-genius, or if my taste-buds have taken long service leave.

I'll spring it on someone tomorrow and let you know whats going on. In brighter news, I'm allocated a nice piece of chicken tomorrow. I miss meat so much that I'm going to bed now to sleep and make the time pass faster.

Much love, Michelle.

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