LilySlim Weight loss tickers

LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Monday, 19 September 2011

Day Four, over half way!

Day 4. Still doing really well. Feeling positive. Managed to get to a gym class this morning which was insane. My instructor is getting married shortly and she's pushing everyone to be on top of their game. I'm going to feel that tomorrow.

I had a couple of bananas today and some milk. Ended up making more soup. The great thing about this next batch of soup is that I somehow have managed to make it so bland that I can't taste it. It's so weird eating something with absolutely no taste. I start to wonder if I'm delirious from lack of sugar and put loads of pepper in it. It absorbs the pepper like a sponge and leaves no taste of pepper. What the hell is going on here? Have I stumbled on some sort of weird recipe where vegetables are rendered completely tasteless and edible?

I can't describe it in a positive enough way, and nobody I approach with it is willing to test it so I'm still not sure if I am some sort of vege-genius, or if my taste-buds have taken long service leave.

I'll spring it on someone tomorrow and let you know whats going on. In brighter news, I'm allocated a nice piece of chicken tomorrow. I miss meat so much that I'm going to bed now to sleep and make the time pass faster.

Much love, Michelle.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Day Three

Third day. It's Spring here in Adelaide, and I was awoken by the sweetest sounds of birds through my window. Today is the first morning in a long time that I have woken up so clear-headed. I feel so energetic. I had my vitamins, water and mango and sat in the morning sun.

My nan has this awesome lemon tree that gives the biggest, juiciest lemons you've ever seen and she's kindly given me a whole bag of them. I think I'll have to start having lemon tea. As I ate my soup mid morning I felt something strange coming over me. I suddenly had this burst of energy and needed to burn it off. I chucked on The Hills (my new secret pleasure) and hopped on the treadmill for a jog for around 35mins. 

Had a healthy lunch of fruit and vegetables and soup and rang a couple of friends. Went for this beautiful brisk evening walk with my mum and walked uphill and downhill and all through the Valley. I'm pooped now and so ready for bed. I think I'll have a nice hot shower, a glass of water, an episode of Stargate SG1 and crash. 

Looking forward to tomorrow - I can have bananas tomorrow and milk! Oh how I missed bananas. Glorious! Callooh Callay!

Keeping fingers crossed for a loss on Friday. :)

Much love, Michelle.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Day Two of Detox

Feeling excellent today. Today is vegetable day and I love my vegies. Everyone I talk to seems to prefer fruit over veg. Whats up with that?

On the detox you're meant to eat this soup stuff as often as you can and I was struggling until my sister suggested I blend it. D'oh! So now instead of it tasting of watery tomato and chunks of mushy vegetables, it now tastes of tomato and vegetable soup and it's eatable! Huge relief! I'm currently eating a salad at the moment and I'm trying to think of what I should do for exercise.

I cant tell you how badly I want to lose weight and become fit. I just feel and look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, only with more acne and less cravat. I'm only 23 and I feel much older. I fit an 18/20 top and bottom and my kegger-gut makes me feel horrible. I've done most diets there are, Jenny Craig, Kate Morgan, The Lemon Detox Diet, starving myself and many, many more.

Nothing worked because I quit. If it ever got too hard, I just quit and went back to eating double quarter pounders and spicy chicken wings. I have a couple of friends weddings/engagements over the next few months and I am sick of being big and alone.

Shoving fatty foods in my face and pushing everyone away. How am I ever going to meet anyone?
This is hard for me as I'm not used to being so candid about myself.

I'll start adding my stats:
Current Weight: 95.8kgs
Short Term Goal Weight: 85.8kgs

I have been in the 90's for so many years, I actually don't know what it's like to see 80 something. I think I'll cry when I reach 89. Well, the only way for me to do that is to keep doing what I've been doing; drink water, eat fruit and vegetables and exercise. When I figure out how to get pictures on here, I'll do it.

Went to the Christmas Shop earlier. I love it there! I have this Christmas train with lights on lay-by and I'm slowly paying it off. Soon it shall be all mine! Co-workers are beginning to ask if I have started my Christmas shopping. Last year I left it to the last minute and paid dearly for it. You know whats left on the shelf at that point? Broken mugs and broken dreams. Yeah.

I love Christmas and usually host it and I've put my card in to host it again this year, fingers crossed! Going out for a drive.
Much love, Michelle

Day One and I'm feeling great!

I hopped on my old enemy -the scales- this morning and weighed in at 95.8kgs. Pretty happy as I was 98 in the  middle of Aug. I've started a detox under the direction of a doctor. It's a lot of fruit, a lot of veg, a lot of water and a lot of exercise. Pretty simple, yet effective, or so I'm told. I just need to follow it to the letter.

I've managed to get in a bit of exercise and I'm drinking my own weight in water. It's been a long day and Ricky Gervais is on telly, so I'll keep it short and sweet. Heading off to a wine-tasting tomorrow. Won't be drinking, I'm the designated driver. Woo. Around 20min drive from here is some of the best wineries around and the weather is starting to shake off Winter and the beach is around 20mins from here too, so I know that I'll have a nice drive regardless.

I'll post DAY TWO tomorrow and keep you up to date.
Much love, Michelle.